La Guitarronera


“La Guitarronera,” a pastel painting of a female mariachi musician playing the guitarrón, is alive with the romance and beauty of the music. Each NFT is a singular, elegantly designed digital rendition of the original painting from the exhibit and book The Magic of Mariachi / La Magia del Mariachi and the accompanying poem in English and Spanish by Steven.

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“Art giving a vision to a voice. Poetry giving a voice to a vision.”

This Poetry-Art NFT collection is inspired by the collaborative works of Steven and Reefka Schneider. Their poetry-art tells a story of the human spirit and its quest for happiness and fulfillment.

Reefka and Steven co-created the border-crossing poetry-art books and exhibits, Borderlines: Drawing Border Lives/Fronteras: dibujando las vidas fronterizas and The Magic of Mariachi/ La Magia del Mariachiwhile living on the U.S. / Mexico borderTheir poetry-art is a testimony to the spirit, the people, and the culture of the Southwest.

By placing poetry and art side by side they invite you into a world of image and word, figure and figure of speech, a world in which the borders of one medium touch another. Reefka’s artworks in pastel, watercolor, and charcoal inspired Steven’s poems, which reflect his deep knowledge of the classical tradition of Ekphrasis, poetry written in response to works of art.

“La Guitarronera” was selected to become an NFT because of its layering and rich palette, which lends itself to unique and colorful variations in the Metaverse. Each NFT in this limited edition of 100 is an original, highly collectible, work of art and both sales and resales will benefit the non-profit HIAS. We have chosen to partner with ViciNFT because of their mandatory charity component which will equal 20% of the auction proceeds, making “NFTs for the common good”.